1/16" end mill setting

I have a "standard MPCNC setup

I’m wanting to do some 1.5mm pocket milling using Estlcam cam with my 1/16" end mill in pine

What’s a good horizontal speed? Vertical speed? stepover %?
I don’t want to snap the bit on my first try with a bit that small!




You should start in foam, have you cut anything else? Is the pen plotting perfect?

Start with an 1/8" bit, to get a good grasp of whats going on. I can’t give you exact numbers, I have no idea what you are using, “standard” isn’t really a thing here too many variables, bit type/material/geometry included.

<50% stepover, try not to slot cut use peel, adaptive or tricoidal instead. Plunge rate, 2-5mm/s, Rapid, <8.4mm/s. Feed Rate, hard to say, you have to do test cuts to find out, slotting will be at least half the speed of a peel or adaptive, 5-12mm/s depending on depth of cut 2-5mm?

I’m starting to slowly build up this page. This isn’t a fully assembled machine so I can’t give you a number to use, you will have to experiment, sorry.


What I call a “standard” MPCNC is your “Mostly Printed Parts CNC Bundle” with a DW660 router using USA EMT and have successfully modified the brackets that hold the z-axis tubes together after the originals broke at the screw holes. But it is still basically the way I purchased it.

And I have used an 1/8th up cut end mill making a dozen or more projects involving “part”, “hole”, and “carve” type cuts in pine planks and oak plywood up to 3/4’ wide or the “part” cuts.


But I appreciate your response.

The size of your machine is the biggest fact in depth of cut and feed rate.

I would say stick with whatever you use for the 1/8" but go 10% slower to start and tune from there.