1/4" Shank Router Bit Set - any good?

I picked this set up yesterday for around $30 CAD and was hoping it would be useful for the MPCNC. Are any of the bits worth using and will they work alright in the DW660?

Anything with a bearing is out automatically. The straight ones might be alright, but it really depends on what you’re going to be using them for. I’ve been thinking about making a swivel plate for my computer mount in the shop. I was planning on using one of those round nosed router bits to cut a channel for some marbles to act as a bearing. I also don’t think estlcam has the ability to use bits that aren’t straight, so you’ll need to use fusion360 for that as well.

Ah, will probably return them then. Thanks, Barry.

Alright, so I picked these up at home depot today. Will they do the trick? It says they cut all wood, fibreglass, OSB, laminates, plastic vinyl/aluminum siding. I don’t think I would use them on anything else (aside from MDF).

Home Depot does not have a big selection for these sort of bits and I went on a day that apparently all the guys with the know-how were off.

Roto Zip SC4
Roto Zip XB-MP2

Hmm, the XB-MP2s are 5/32". I guess they won’t fit in the 660, will they?

Not without another collet adapter… And I’m not where to find a 5/32, though the Rotozip tool comes with one.

I haven’t tried my rotozip collet adapters in the dewalt yet, afraid I’ll have a bit go flying across the room.

Also, rotozip bits are mostly downcut bits, so don’t use them to drill holes that are the same diameter. It’s also going to burn that first part where it plunges into the work, unless you ramp it in. I milled out my first dust shoe with a rotozip bit because I didn’t have an endmill long enough at the time. They’re okay, but because of how small a diameter they are, you’ll not get a good surface finish, and not super accurate cuts. You can see them bend when they cut.

Went with these ones
I am afraid my options seem to be somewhat limited here in Canada so I ordered the above. However, they are 4 flute so we will see how much of an impact that has I guess.