1,5KW Air-cooled Spindel - Mount

Hallo :slight_smile:
Ich habe mir eben auf ebay eine 1,5KW Air-cooled Spindel gekauft.
Nun bin ich auf der Suche nach einer halterung für diese (65mm) Spindel.

Kennt ihr eine gute Halterung? Würde mir sehr helfen ^^


I’m assuming you are asking for a mount for the Primo. The Makita is 65mm, so it is possible you can use the Makita mount. You can find Ryan’s mounts, including a Makita mount, here. Ryan left the hole spacing the same between the Burly and the Primo, so it is possible to use the Burly mounting plate and the Burly nut traps on a Primo. With the mounting plate attached, any Burly mounts you find can be used. There are several 65mm Burly spindle mounts on Thingiverse.

Thanks. What cable should i use for the spindle with 1.5 kw? 0.75mm^2 or a bigger one?

Hey Robert,
i printed this and its to small. (i think it´s not for the 25mm Tubes!)

do you know a other holder for 25mm?

i printed this and its to small. (i think it´s not for the 25mm Tubes!)

Note that in the Primo parts, there are upper and lower tool plates that need to go on the tubing before the mount. Tool plates are specific to your tubing size. Mounts will work on all sizes of tubing since they connect to the tool plate, not the tubing.

If the tool plates are not the issue, and if it would be helpful, I would be willing to model a mount for your spindle for the Primo. I would need good reference material since I don’t have access to the physical spindle. Either pictures with measurements, or you could identify a spindle mount on Thingiverse that would work for your spindle that I could use a reference.

Hey Robert,
thanks for answering.
I´ll give it a try ^^ but i think it will work with the “plates”.