1.5kW Spindle

Here’s video using my Lowrider with a 1.5kW spindle mounted on it. Making some cedar planks for grilling salmon on. Could I have done this work with a router table…sure! But I guess when you have an awesome CNC like this you look for ways to make things more complicated.


I’ll be working on a video of the complete setup shortly showing all the mods and additions I’ve made to this great design.


What a workhorse.

You must not mean 1200mm/sec, maybe 1200mm/min, or 20mm/s? Still very good performance.

My bad, 1200 mm/min is what is should have read. And that was taking is conservatively as these were the first cuts with the new spindle. Can probably bump it up to 2,000 with no problem.

Great! Looking forward to it.