1" DOM 0.188" wall question

Hi all, new member here from Central IL currently in the planning stages of a MPCNC. Prusa i3 MK3S+ is pending delivery this week and I’m excited to get it up and running and then printing parts for my MPCNC. Planning for a 24" x 24" working area.

My question is on tubing thickness, SS is not readily available in my area without a big MOQ. I can find 1" DOM 0.188" wall pretty reasonably and I realize that should improve stiffness (albeit pretty marginal), I’m curious if there is anything to be concerned of with the size of my machine and inertia of the additional mass swinging around on the gantry? Would I be better off using 0.125" wall on the Z axis only for the nut traps? Stay with 0.188" and modify the nut traps on the Z?

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

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You’ll be fine, get what you can!

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Thanks Ryan, I figured as much but wanted to see if there were definite NO’s. I’m on the fence about trying to go bigger on working area say 1/4 of plywood so 2’x4’. but if I start with 2’ x 2’ I only need a couple rails and some more belt to make it work. So I need to use your advice and start small and expand if and only if I need it.

Well my Prusa showed up today so first things first is to get that up and running, than start printing MPCNC FILES!!!

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Hey FWIW, I am using .125 DOM on my rig, and it is solid as F! Since you will have so much less deflection with the skookum pipes, you might also think about printing your parts with extra walls to match.