1 inch stainless

Has anyone had issues with using 1 inch stainless tubing with the 25mm files?

I assume it will flex a little and be tight or maybe print a tad bit oversize percentage?

The mirror finish stainless tubing available locally is quite rigid and smooth.

Also is it possible to up the motor size to NEMA23 for the 4x4 foot builds?

Not sure about the pipe, but nema23’s are most certainly not required regardless of size built.
I’m working on a 4x3 build and have absolutely no issue with the steppers I’m using. Granted, I’m using 84oz nema 17’s, but still.

Hi! Markal is making one with 25.4mm OD pipe and is having tightness problems.

Even with the nema 17 stepppers in series @ 2A, if I hold the tower, the table moves!!

25.4 doesn’t really work.

I am close to that version I just need the rollers and feet but it is pretty busy around here.

I’ll do the feet files today. My software converts stl files to solid fairly well to mod them.

If you can create a version with no bolt holes for the bearing bolts, except the important ones (like the one that the 5" bolt goes through in the XY); I could create a relatively simple parametric openscad script to space the remaining holes for any size pipe (within reason)

the holes won’t be all neat and rounded, and the flare will be squared; but if you print at 100mm/s, all of the corners get rounded anyhow :wink:

Thank you for the offer but those parts are done. A parametric center would be very complicated. Every piece in the z axis changes and most of the xyz dimensions change.

I know the information is spread over these forums, facebook, G+, and thingiverse, but I am almost done. I have the the corners, middle, and z axis done. I am trying to re-design the feet and rollers before release. If I release it now and then new parts shortly after I will have to deal with all the emails from upset people. This last 525 update sent a flood of questions, and mad customers my way. I is just best if I release this when it complete and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Sorry for the wait.

Looking forward to it.

I got a idea of making the table and machine as one standing unit with printed connectors on the legs.

A real pro quality machine appearance.

I thought about doing that but am scared to commit to one piece. I think it could be difficult to square it up real easy.

This is the last thing I tried, a bunch of small printed brackets, some conduit, torsion box, simple shelves. for some reason I think it just looks too cheesy somehow. It is super study but looks flimsy. If it isn’t just the colors then back to the drawing board for me.

What about just pipe connectors?

Big beefy corner connectors.

I’ll see what I can whip up in CAD when I get in the office in a hour from now.

Price. A few handfuls of connectors and you might as well just buy some gorilla racks.

That type of racking is made here for Japanese car assembly lines. Unfortunately it is 28mm. Nice stuff though. I use it building the open builds CNC style machines.

Hi, hope that vicious doesn’t matter: there you have a feet for your machine, fits well a 25.4m OD pipe:

mine_footV1-1.rar (877 KB)

No problem.

Well, how would it be if I tossed a c note donation towards the completion of the 1 inch tubing files?

I tell ya man, you project will really help a lot of people here in the Philippines. We get hit so hard by the corrupt customs officials on taxes, so the least amount of stuff we gotta import amd go thru customs to build CNC machines the better for us here.

This place is still so far behind the rest of the world, even the maker movement is less than a thousand people because basic CNC equipment is so expensive.

Thank you for the offer, but it isn’t lack of motivation that is holding me back. Sensing your frustration and my desire to not have to answer the “will 25.4mm work” question anymore. I cleaned up the shop, closed my email to get as distraction free as I can, cleaned the white board and concentrated on some revisions.

Well, High five, I think I have a new roller assembly worked out. I will CAD it up and print some test pieces. If they work I will have a set of 25.4mm to beta test.

If you want to get your printer started I can send you the center, Z, and corners to keep you busy.


Metzindustries at gmail

Had a big shipment of open builds rollers, spacers, and other assorted hardware get stolen out of the mail this month, need to get something built that does not rely on anything going thru customs here.

I can run off sme test parts Monday here.

any update?

Sorry, my first idea didn’t go how I hoped it would. I have a second version of the new roller assembly printing now and I can try it out in the morning. I have a set of 25.4mm stainless to give it a try myself as well.

If you want to get started here are the corner files, https://www.dropbox.com/s/3shua2mftqqtexu/CornerJ.zip?dl=0, I can zip up the middle in the morning and if the roller comes out okay I can release the full beta. I’ll update the foot dimensions to fit but no revised foot version yet.


downloading now.

I ran off a set of 25mm rollers just for grins the last couple days.

Man Im more impressed by the day with this design vs the open builds stuff.

MPCNC looks more complicated in photos but it so far was much easier to assemble.