10/8/17 Contest questions

Need something clarified ask here.

I have a question:

What contest?

I was going to ask that too:


Oh you guys are hardcore, bookmark the forums and not the homepage?

If you have any other contest ideas let me know. I started digging around on google and trying to find the most inclusive legal way to give something away. Turns out giving something away by chance is not legal in very many places including all of Canada.

Multiple entries allowed? I’d like to put together a “nice” entry but not sure I’ll have time before the deadline. But I’ve got a good bit of video I’ve recorded while cutting my wooden quad thing which I could toss together as a “better than nothing” entry. Just don’t want to block myself from doing a better entry if I can find time :wink:


Multiple is all good. Hopefully we can do a few more of these. Bigger and smaller.

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Heck, I don’t have either the forums or home page bookmarked… I just don’t ever close my forums tab. I did figure that I needed to look at the home page to find the contest info after reading the forum post. :slight_smile:

So tempted, I could make a “promotional video.” Sick edits, slow-mo aluminum flying everywhere…yeahhh!! Now only to find a cameraman…Also no audio cause DW660 isn’t a good actor.

Lets see it. Do some epic music over the top synced to all the good action…

>If you have any other contest ideas let me know.

I don’t like the voting thing. Why just not have everyone get a chance to win, if a video (or whatever) is submitted? Like one (1) ticket for the lottery. Just saying, it’s not because my entry is probably crap so I won’t have a chance :).

It’s all about incentives. If a lot of videos is what you want, then you should make it one chance per entry. If you want a good quality video, then you should pick your favorite at the end. If you want one that people here will like, then voting makes sense.

What you really need is to have each person that buys something from you get one vote. That’s the right incentive :slight_smile:

((( Even though that ended with a joke, the first part was just set up, I don’t really have an opinion )))

A random, Lottery, is illegal in most places even though no purchase is necessary. It has to be a contest some sort of skill has to be involved. Giving stuff away is not very easy to do, as crazy as that sounds.

So this is going to be a poll, registered uses can vote (hopefully only once and anonymously). I can not think of any other way to do it legally. I can have some friends over and have them vote and live stream them doing it but that sounds like a hassle.

I didn’t make any specific requirements so if you don’t have a router you could still make a funny video relating to it somehow (or not, just have the correct title) and have a chance. The skill in this one is getting a video on youtube. I don’t want to do best project or anything because we all have different skill levels. I want to give some things away and I don’t want this to be stressful for anyone, just a fun thing to do and maybe win something. It helps me get the word out without giving youtubers free machines…I do not want to do this like every other company out there does. I want to reward active members of the community.

Multiple entries are 100% permitted, please do!

How do you add a youtube link to a message with only showing the text link in it? I noticed my entry shows an image of the youtube link, but I wanted it to have just the text link like the other entries. The only thing I did was copy & paste the link to my message.



Highlight the link once you paste it. Then click the insert link(chain) button and hit enter.

Ok, thanks. I was able to edit that message & fix it.

Does this go until midnight the 23rd (today)…and if so what time zone?




Submissions are over, now it is voting. I’ll do another contest as soon as I have something else fun to giveaway.