10/8/17 Contest submissions

Voting begins Tuesday 10/24/17, please check back then for information on casting your vote.

Post your submission here with any relevant information, Please no comments or likes in this thread just submissions.



I made an Instructable about my beautiful grass cutting machine, featuring my MPCNC.





My submission. Literally the first movements of my MPCNC. This was before my machine was tightened but it still needs some work to get it up and running.

See more here: https://www.v1engineering.com/forum/topic/wip/

Here is my submission of an Openscad Assembly and Animation of a ZenXY machine.


This thread disappoints me! Come on guys.


Whoops, wasn’t a video…

Well, I was going to just toss some existing footage together…but I’ve really been wanting to make a vacuum table. So…

It works, just cut my first sheet of foam with it! Sorry the video went so long…I was hoping to edit it down further but was running out of time to get it uploaded.

Okay submissions are in, updating the info after coffee. Thanks everyone.

Well kids, You get three votes, The number is the post number found on the upper right hand corner of each post. Tell everyone you know to vote. Voting ends 10/27/17 10pm Pacific. Good luck, thanks for playing.

Four and a half hours…call all your friends, get those votes.

Jason! You my good man have just one yourself a fully loaded Archim Board! I’ll send a PM in the Morning.

Thank you guys for submitting, It was fun and easy for me so I hope to do it again soon, with both bigger and smaller prizes!