100$ Laser upgrade

I it possible to engrave on the back of an iPhone cover? or do i need more then a 2.8 watt laser?

Regards from sweden.

Yea, you’re going to need a lot more than 2.8 watts. You’re going to be looking at 30 watt minimum, and at that, it’ll be going stupid slow. Also most solid state lasers your going to get off ebay or amazon are the wrong wavelength to do anything to metal. You’re going to need a co2 or nd:yag to cut/engrave metal reliably.

It depends on the model. If it’s anodized aluminum then you should be able to engrave it, especially if it’s a darker color. If it’s glass then definitely won’t work unless it has a backing, like a mirror, and can be engraved from the back side. Aluminum that isn’t anodized will require much more power than any DIY laser can manage.