10000 marbles test on Marble Machine X

It’s hard to understand how this started with a musician without much engineering knowledge, but with a lot of willpower and creativity(and a big community that grew along the way) . Both inspiring and overwhelming at the same time.


Inspiration is everywhere: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/54007/8-excellent-rube-goldberg-cartoons


Both excellent examples.

I think Martin found out without music he might have been an engineer, heck at this point I am not sure which one he prefers. What he does feels exactly like what I do. Get a great idea, get it working, realize you have an even greater idea…make it happen, rinse and repeat. If any of you youngsters want to know what I think mechanical engineering is, Martin captures it wonderfully, heartache and wanting to quit…the pure joy, and you’re wanting to play every instrument in the room when you do well on a real test of your creation.

Goldberg, well we are lucky he was just the idea man, but he was the world’s greatest idea man ever!


I love watching his videos. Excellent style and just very entertaining for a “maker” channel. My favorite was the marble race one.

He may be in real trouble if he ever finishes this. He may be making enough money to not make any sense actually going on a world tour. If he stops at red rocks, I will be there though.

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Martin makes me think of the renaissance poly genius artists/intellectuals. He’s both an master of the arts, in terms of writing and performing music - and he’s (eventually) an master of engineering. Combining these two paths of life are not that common anymore. While the old masters had kings and dukes to pay for them to live out their creativity, today it’s done by Patreon! Funny to think of the origin of the name Patreon. It has changed from being the few and the wealthy how were patreons, to the big hive mind of the internet.

EDIT: In his music video for the first marble machine, he even has some renaissance looking clothes on him! :smiley: Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles) - YouTube he’s come a long way for sure!

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If you guys like Marble Racing you should watch some Jelle’s Marble Runs. Far more entertaining than they should be…