12" Deer Clock

Another clock I’m sharing.


The dxf file can be found at:


That looks great. There isn’t enough info here about painting techniques. I really appreciate the details.

The acrylic sealer you’re using at the beginning, is that like water based polyeurthane, like polycrylic? I think polycrylic is supposed to be water proof after it dries, so that should be good for this kind of thing.

That clock is awesome! Well done. May have to put it in the list for cuts to try. Hoping next weekend I can finally make some chips.

I have used many different sealers. Polycrilic is what I use most. The painting technique on this clock is just 3 different colors of spray paint. Before painting the mdf I treat it with a clear homemade gesso. (Elmers glue baby powder and water).