12 or 24 volt?

Hi all,

I am about to source the parts for 2 3D printers. Both my daughter and I are about to build one. My daughter is 17 and building it for a school project. She wants to beat her brother who built a Arcade cabinet :wink:

I do already have a Kossel XL (kitbuild) and a MPCNC with a Kress spindle and a 5.5 Watt laser.

I hate waiting for my heated bed on my Kossel to heat up. I found several stories of the MK3 Bed heating up more rapid on 24 volt. Also running with less amps feels more comfortable.

I was wondering if some of you run a MP3DP on 24 volts, what are recommendations, downsides, avantages and things to consider.

Love to hear your thoughts!



I dont think there are any downsides to 24 volts except for somewhat reduced compatibility if you have a 12V fan for example. Also be careful with heaters because a heater made for 12V will put out 4X the heat when the voltage is doubled, and there’s a chance that might not be entirely good.

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You’d need a 24V hotend (heater, at least) and bed, fan, and the controller needs to support it (rambos do, ramps don’t).

But it should work well.

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Hmm, I noticed many MK8 Extruder/hotendcombo’s also can be sourced with 24V, wondering if this also counts the included fan… I am planning to use a SKR1.4 board, so that’s no problem. Also Most MK3 heated beds can run on 24V. Looks like the fans are the main issue. Worst case I have to replace them, or put a DCDC converter.

Anyone with experience?

The bed needs you to solder it to a different terminal. The V6 hotend comes in.a 12V and 24V variety, but I think the onky difference is the actual heater.

I wouldn’t mess with a step down converter for the fans. The part fan needs to be controlled by the skr anyway, and 24V fans are cheap too.

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which fan is the part fan, the one on the right side or the one in front. I think it’s the one on the right, but i want to make sure.