123x58 aluminum boat ongoing project

Yeah it takes a few turns to get to pressure and they need to be a little faster than hand cranking. You might be able to slap a air ratchet on the flywheel though. No oil in the case so it could be an easy test for you.

I got a comptester on route, I will juat throw a new starter on, thanx for all the info, much appreciated!
Also a few more pics… I ended up wrapping bumpers. Unsure if I like the look but much more commercial style. Really helps beef up the shear like and the sides. Also gives me a place to hide welds from a shelf behind


Yuck, I have really lost my hand tig welding in the last 15yrs. figured I would tig the upper seams to keep it pretty… lol I might wash over them I might not… unfortunately I will going to have my distal biceps tendon surgery tomorrow so I’ll be out of commission for a few months I think


My money is on a speedy recovery! If you get to board, we can get you started on a new printer. Try to enjoy the downtime a bit, though, get some couch time and some naps in before you start pushing yourself.

P.S. I got my LinuxCNC installed and updated to 2.9. Next up is get it running then go to plasmaC! Thanks for the inspiration…again.