12x24 work area

I am nearly complete on my primo. I made it 12 x24 and 7 tall. I love the 12 x24 but I think I will be cutting down the height.

I need to clean everything up but I did fi ally get a successful crown.

I am using ramps and series wiring. My z was backwards for some reason. I did have my wiring wrong for steppers x and y so they were fighting each other.

I wish I could remove the homing stuff from my screen. Newb here keeps hitting home by accident.

Also is there anywhere to read up on the v1 custom part of the fw? I tried reset axis and it moved my z. I thought it reset my zero to current position of xyz.

Thanks for the work Ryan, this thing Is going to be fun!


Hitting reset should not have moved Z. Here is the code in configruation_adv.h that defines the V1 custom menu:

 * User-defined menu items that execute custom GCode
  #define CUSTOM_USER_MENU_TITLE "V1 Custom Menu"
  #define USER_SCRIPT_DONE "M117 User Script Done"
  //#define USER_SCRIPT_RETURN  // Return to status screen after a script

  #define USER_DESC_1 "Reset All Coordinates"
  #define USER_GCODE_1 "G92 X0 Y0 Z0"

  #define USER_DESC_2 "Home Z Axis"
  #define USER_GCODE_2 "G28 Z"

  #define USER_DESC_3 "Home X&Y"
  #define USER_GCODE_3 "G28 X Y"

  //#define USER_DESC_4 "Heat Bed/Home/Level"
  //#define USER_GCODE_4 "M140 S" STRINGIFY(PREHEAT_2_TEMP_BED) "\nG28\nG29"

  //#define USER_DESC_5 "Home & Info"
  //#define USER_GCODE_5 "G28\nM503"

You can find the g-code reference here.

I wish I could remove the homing stuff from my screen.

I too wish it was disabled or removed on the series version of the Firmware.

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That is what I thought. Thank you. Maybe I hit home again.

Not really sure why pics did not upload. Trying again


I think you can close it before it uploads or something? I put these in the top post. Looks good to me.


Thank you!
This forum is really nice, especially with the bots that guide you to better use it!

I had to bring it inside. Working on vinyl right now. First thing came out great. Oh I also mad a custom double cutter mount. Take a look

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There you go RIley, Nothing like a machine to liven up the decor. Have fun. I also had trouble with homing when I didn’t want to. After a few weeks experience I seldom do it.


So tonight I had to get to the garage and cut!! Went spectacular!!! My cut was very minimal and a junk piece of wood, just for first cut. I could have went for the gusto it went so well. Ohh, just tried to upload video and found out not allowed only pics.

So here is a pic. Going to have fun!!

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You can upload a video to one of the many vid sharing sites (YouTube is probably the easiest) and post a link…

No worries, it was not necessary this forum is full of videos. I just wanted to post a status.

To be honest I have only posted one youtube ever. But maybe after I get into exciting things I will.

I want to try more things. Right now my arduino is a clone. I may get a real one and try Estlcam fw so I can do the surface scan. That really seems like it may be a feature I could use.

Thanks and here is to many more fun creations ahead!


Not a horrible idea to post videos to document your learning path, either.

I’ve started posting more videos lately of just my machine running, and a few people seem to like them. A 40 minute cut might only get 3 times up and 90 seconds of watch time, but I’ve gotten some questions from people curious about this choice or that one.

There are a TON of videos explaining what the mpcnc, what mod somebody wanted to do, when to choose mpcnc, how to build it, etc., but not so many of it running. And of those, they tend to be shorter videos that don’t really give a great feel for what it’s like to use one.

Since I’ve been running mine for a few years, I thought it would be nice to give an idea of what that’s like. I also post my fails when I’m really pushing it, like trying to cut steel or crashing into something.

You might find a lot of interest from people who have never run a cnc, like the mpcnc for the cost, and could use your experience as an idea of what to expect as they learn.

YouTube also has the ability to post a video and anyone who can guess the link can watch it, but it doesn’t show up in regular search results. So if you’re feeling like sharing a video here, but you don’t want it published in your YouTube profile or showing up on random people’s feeds (which is pretty hard to achieve anyway), you can post the link here, and keep it unlisted. It is still very much public though. This forum is no secret.