1st Test. My MPCNC - the Fisher-Price Edition

Haven’t decided on the business end yet. The work envelope is only 12"x12"x6", so likely an extruder or laser. Left some of the cabling long in case I expand the X and/or Y axes. I’d like to use it for it’s original intended purpose - if I can ever make space in the garage. Sorry Ryan - your outstanding design deserves better than a Fisher-Price™ color scheme, but it got what I had on hand.

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I love the colors makes it look less intimidating.

…and wow, I thought I had a thing for clean wires…you make me look like a slob.

Why the old roller parts?

Sadly, you updated the roller parts just a few days after I printed that version (tells you how long I’ve been diddling around with this). They seemed fine, so I saw no compelling reason to reprint them - although the current ones are clearly an improvement.

Thanks again for the great design.

  • Al

P.S. On an unrelated note - Site search doesn’t seem to work for me unless I’m logged in. Thoughts?

Looks great actually, the weird colors are kinda fun.
Very clean built, now it’s time to put a router on it and get it dirty!

Ohhh, look! A book on black magic!!! :smiley:

I have the more offense related book on my shelf (the antenna guide). Is the rfi book good? I’ve heard it was, but never found it to look at.

That truly is a clean build. Well done sir.

I really like the angle aluminum along the back for mounting the ramps and PS to.

I like how you’ve used a pc power supply. Is there any chance you could send me a wiring diagram of how you’ve done it?

I just converted an atx for my 3d printer a couple days ago, if you google “atx power supply for 3d printer”, there are a ton of wiring guides and video guides. basically you use the yellow wire for 12v and back for ground to your ramps/control board, and wire together the green wire with a ground (green is usually power sense wire). since that board feeds power to every other component, that’s about it. if you are using mosfet boards for power (3d printer) then you would use extra yellow/black to those. its very simple to use an atx power supply though and imo, probably a bit safer than some random chinese power supply from amazon or ali express.

reprap wiki has an article on converting one for a 3d printer as well.


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