2.5D Artwork in Aluminum

Hey fellas,

Really excited to show off my latest project! This has taken multiple attempts… 4 to be exact… just to get this far. I have one more finishing pass that I’ll be able to complete on Monday and then I’ll cut it out and put it in a 3D printed frame. I’m super impressed with everything and I’ll update this thread when it’s completely done.

I’ve got about 4 hours in cut time in the project, and I really NEED to go back through the machine and get rid of some slop. I’m sure I could cut much faster if it weren’t for the slop and my lack of exact perpendicularity.




That looks amazing. Great work. Thank you for sharing.

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That looks awesome. I will wait to add it to the gallery for the finishing pass and frame? The cuts looks pretty dang good to me but it you can tweak it some more, go for it.

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Thanks guys!

Yeah, we’ll see if I don’t screw it up!


I’m getting ready to make the leap from simpler engraving to 2.5D carving. Do you have any first-hand pointers? Bits, speed, etc…


Are you using F360? Which board are you using? How big is your setup?

Let’s start from there and I’ll let you know what I’ve learned thus far.


Finally got the finishing passes done and cut it out. I was in a rush to leave this afternoon so the cut around the edge isn’t as nice as I’d like it to be.

Just have to 3d print the frame.



Wowzers that is really really nice. Congratulations.

Winter is coming.


Go ahead and use that picture for the gallery. Project priorities have changed a bit and I probably wont get around to printing the frame any time soon!



Already there because it looks amazing as is!

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