2.5D Bowl

I was thinking about something new (to me, at least) to make. So, I dug up the formulas for plotting ovals/ellipses, and one thing led to another… I’m having a hard time getting the couple of programs that I’ve been trying to use to do what I want it to, and I’m good at speaking a few different computer languages. So, I set off to learn more about G-Code. Long story short, a few spreadsheets were built to write the vast majority of the G-Code for this, and three G-Code files (totaling about 75,000 lines of code) later…

It’s only about 9" x 5" x 1.5", but completely scalable in all three dimensions.

This one was a “proof of concept” from #2 yellow pine. As soon as I work out a couple of small issues, I’m going to make a few from exotic woods as presents. I’m figuring that I should have them all done in time for Christmas… Maybe…

BTW, I was going to work out the tool marks left on the inside, but everybody who saw it has said that they should be left in. It’s still very smooth, and they add a bit of “visual texture” to it. (Or so I’m told.) Remains to be seen if they’ll survive in future versions.


I agree, the tool marks add to the appearance