2.8W Laser and Driver Kit and Mini-Rambo Board

Hey all.

Building my MPCNC and I be thinking on getting a laser for a big project I be doing when I get the basics sorted.

Been looking at the J Tech Photonics laser, not cheap but I guess money buy’s quality and I feel I might be safer with it.

My question is this, would the above kit work with the Mini Rambo board? At the J Tech website has instruction for the Ramps board bun not for the Rambo. Have I bought the wrong board for my application?


Many thanks and sorry for such a newby question :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew I had some info about his, took me a minute to find it, here you go. Bottom of that page.



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Ahh crap!!!

How did I missed that!

Sorry Ryan, learning my way around the site :stuck_out_tongue:


Many thanks.

It’s alright took me a while and I am on the site all day everyday.

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