2.8W Laser Cutting Limitations

I should have my laser up soon, just waiting impatiently for connectors from China. I went with the 2.8W sub $100 laser detailed on this site by Leo, as I originally was intending to etch and engrave images. Then I ran across a bunch of other types of laser projects that I’d be interested in.

Besides etching/engraving, I’d like to try a few projects that involve actual cutting, but I am unsure of its capabilities with cut depth. As far as materials, I am looking at birch plywood. As far as thickness, I am looking at 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch. Can this laser handle the job and is just a matter of making multiple passes?

I am interested in that too. That could convince me to get a laser. Maybe this would be better in the hardware section.

In my experience with my 2.8W laser it can cut birch plywood - but it can be limited by your patience in doing so. The more complicated, longer path it’s cutting, the longer it’s going to take and with birch plywood it seemed to take quite a few passes. (it burns through the top layer of wood quickly, hits the glue/middle ply and gets stopped even with adjusting downwards a little after every pass, then it finally burns through there and hits the glue/3rd layer in the same way) Solid wood seemed to cut much easier than plywood.