2 motors not configured?

I got a full Primo kit with the Rambo 1.4 and screen. I powered it up and tried moving the gantry, but X2 and Y2 are not moving. I can’t find any setting to enable this. The Rambo board has V1 firmware on it. I have a bad feeling about this… Am I about to spend days installing software on top of software on my PC to make my CNC usable?


When you boot your board what firmware version does the LCD show? 509, 510s, 510d?

Hi Ryan. It says 510S. It is not wired in series. Now that you mention 510S and 510D, I can deduce it has the wrong firmware. shit.

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I want to tell you, it won’t be that bad. There are a lot of posts here where people get stuck, but the success stories don’t make it to the forums. It’s a bummer you have to take this extra step, but it won’t be too bad.


That’s the firmware you need. Inside there is a firmware.hex. you don’t have to compile it, but you need to flash it.

There is a neat program called xloader. It is a small application (I think it can run without an installer) and it can load the hex file onto the rambo. You will need to connect the usb and power the board with 12V.


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Ah, pre-compiled is great.
I already installed it on the CNC and it works. Thanks.

Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to use for a spindle. It turns out the Dewalt router I have isn’t the Dewalt router the included bracket is for.


It occurred to me this is probably the behavior of an unplugged NC limit switch. ohhh. That means I need to undo all the loom to access it inside the pipe. If only the connectors locked. Or at least the limit switch wires weren’t 7 inches shorter than the motor wires. Drr.

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You can test them more easily by sending M119. You can do this in repetier host.

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Yep, the limit switch connector had come unplugged. I wrapped it in electrical tape and re-assembled. It homes good now.

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