2 MP3DP setups for sale (SOLD)

I have two complete MP3DP units for sale. I just don’t use them anymore. One is a V1 and the other is a v2. The V1 worked fine the last time I used it. the V2 unit has a fried ramps board. Not really sure what to ask for them. Probably just worth the value of the parts. I can take pictures if anyone is serious about wanting them. Feel free to make an offer.


What is your location? If you disassemble them, what would be the box size for shipping?

Mike B.

I’m in Salem, Oregon. I will have to look at the box size options are. I would think that they would break down to a fairly decent size. The power supplies and frame are probably the biggest parts.


I’m in Hillsboro, OR. I can drive down and pick them up, LOL.

Do you have pictures?


Dan if you plan on being home tonight, or later this afternoon, I’d like to come down and look at them.

(Before the governor puts us in jail for being on the road)

Mike five-oH-Three. 781. One-two-9-seven. text or call

The printers are sold.