2' x 2' Build with PETG / PLA Parts

I’ve decided to take the plunge and build a MPCNC. I decided to build a MPCNC because it is inexpensive and seems like it would be a good platform for learning CNC.

Previously, having built 3D printers from kits (i.e., Reprap Mendel), I really appreciate the work and being done to make CNC more accessible to hobbyists and hackers alike.

To the point, I purchased the CNC Parts Bundle from the website and decided to print the rest of the pieces myself.

My goal is to have a flexible machine capable of:

  • PCB Cutting / Routing
  • Wood Carving
  • Stencil cutting

The build volume for this will be 24" x 24".

Enhancements I plan on eventually adding are:

  • Dust shoe for DW660
  • Drag chain for Z Stepper wires (if needed)
  • Upgraded Z axis screw (if I have any Z binding issues)
  • Octoprint for remote control

I started printing the parts about a month ago following the guide on the site and have put together a log detailing print times and settings. The spreadsheet is found here.

I am using my makergear m2 to print the parts in both PLA and PETG and an Octopi to remotely monitor and control the prints. Eventually I would like to use something like Octopi to remotely control the MPCNC as well.

My settings are as follows:
PLA: 0.2mm Layer Height, 200C, 70C to 80C Bed Temp (I started with 70C but had to raise the temperature to 80C as the temperature started dropping outside); Hatchbox PLA from Amazon, Thriftymake PLA from Matterhackers, and Just name brand PLA from Matterhackers.
PETG: 0.2mm Layer Height, 240C, 80C Bed Temp, Supports, This is my first time working with PETG and I decided to stick with Hatchbox for my PETG.

For my slicer i’m using Simplify3D. I recently upgraded to a dual extruder setup and am using the following print profiles as a start with adjustments for temperature and 40% first layer height.

Having browsed through the types of issues people have had with MPCNC; I decided to print the corners and part of the Z in PETG since these parts seemed to often fail by cracking.

I just finished printing yesterday and total print time was just over 7 days (excluding failed prints). I estimate it took a little over 1kg of filament. I can’t be sure since I used different colors in my setup.

I am now in the process of building a bench and cutting the EMT conduit. I decided to build the table using a kit. I also plan on putting the bench on castors so that it can be easily moved around the garage.

The camera is upstairs right now, I plan on taking pictures and putting them up as she starts to come together. I hope to have it up and running by Christmas.