2020 in terms of the V1 Shop numbers (good things only, promise)

So the years has wrapped up and it was a crazy one.

How many boxes do you think left the V1 garage in 2020?

More than 5200, it is more than 5300 boxes shipped but Dan has been helping out and I am not exactly sure how many he has shipped.

So now I am not deathly afraid of this all ending tomorrow I will be testing the waters with some more licensees’ to hopefully lessen my shipping load to spend more time on R&D and new ideas…and just getting my build dirty!

I have the best mail lady and we were talking about it towards the end of the year. Any idea how much I paid in shipping labels in 2020? Remember most full kits are “free” shipping.

More than $91,000, nearly 92…WHAT!

So I have already started implementing another shipping strategy to save both me and some of the customers in shipping fees. If it works out I will adjust shipping options soon.

Average order value was down, meaning I think I have finally got pricing right were people are buying more small things from me instead of Amazon and not just full kits…not sure if this is a good thing for me or not.

Returning customer rate is way up, so I take that as people are happy with the speed, quality, and prices.

Sales is up, even through all of this. When sales start to dip I will actually freak out knowing we made it through this with an increase.

Pretty freaking cool, Thank you all for being part of this. I really hope to make this year special and get more time in the forums and the FB group, I miss hanging out more. And I want to make some more projects the garage is way to clean!!!


Many Thanks to you for what you’ve given us the opportunity to do with our own little hands! :grinning: I stumbled across V1 back in the Spring and it couldn’t have happened at a better time, Covid making it a ‘special’ year in its own evil way. I used to joke with a friend that I wished Ron Popeil of Ronco ‘Pocket Fisherman’ fame would come out with a home CNC machine, I think you’ve gone one better by producing a design adaptable to personal needs! I look forward to seeing what you’ll do next. I’m sure we all wish you much success in the New Year, it’s been well earned!


Don’t know how many of your customers are outside of the USA but, the shipping costs were prohibative for smaller items like bits and even control boards etc.

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Yeah, the shipping is fast, and all, but small stuff to Canada is :grimacing: on shipping. If the borders were open I’d ship to North Dakota and just go pick it up myself.

All that post was amazing though Ryan, keep up the great work! I’m going to be printing two Primo sets soon, and then ordering a bunch of parts as well! Can’t wait


Odd, I can’t do much for the small order on either side. Tracking and insurance are expensive but absolutely necessary as it is I get several emails a day asking where their package is…I send them the link that they should already have.

Larger orders have more room for savings.

BUT I am trying to find something 90+k is an eye opener.


I forget the name for a moment but there’s a TV commercial that runs regularly for some shipping service where the guy claims he cut shipping cost in half when he started using it. Have you seen the ad/looked into it?

What about the flat rate shipping, they have tracking! I sent an I-phone from Hilton Head Island S.C. to California for 4.95.

Before Covid, I always sent items to my Niagara Falls office! Even a 3D printer. :slight_smile:

I currently only use flat rate shipping and those prices seem to be several years old??
https://www.usps.com/business/prices.htm That small box is ~$7.65 even with bulk corporate discount (shopify)

No. Just recently I can use UPS and FedEx without paying. Previously you had to pay about $80 a month for the privilege of using there calc software. It is free now, so I am comparing all my orders and seeing if they come out less any other way. Some large international come about to about $10 less (out of $90-$105) and using USPS priority cubic The western half of the us is $1-$8 cheaper.

FWIW, the ad I’ve seeing is for shipstation.com

Gotcha, yeah shopify basically has shipstation built in. the other really good one is pirateship.

It’s probably meant more for large enterprise operations, but my corporate overlords use Pitney Bowes “SendPro” to help minimize shipping costs.


This is a great summary. It is really hard to be proud in the “unprecedented time” year. I am imagining a lot of people’s garages are full of happy, safe people who would otherwise be pretty bored.

The forums have grown too. There are a ton of new people and a lot of them are answering a bunch of questions and it is great to see.


Well done and thank you!

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Shoot I was not sure how to approach how fantastic the forums have grown (matured). I did not want to lump it in with the boring shipping numbers but how about a full behind the scenes. Look at this!


2k new contributors…not just signups, people that actually posted.

Honestly the numbers for everything these days blow my mind. The steady growth makes it nearly invisible on a daily basis but it is certainly turned into something bigger than I ever dreamed. I am such a tiny part of such a big thing. Seems weird that I actually hold the keys to it but I have never felt that way, I honestly feel like I come into work for a cool company and just have an insiders perspective.

With all sincerity, it is nothing without you all, I just pack boxes and enjoy the company! Thank you.



Looks very similar to what Shopify has built in. I think the next step up is actual volume calculations and packing. I know there is software that knows what and how much fits in a box and can make the call for that on the order side. Right now I kinda cheat and use weight and a volume calc to kick into larger box sizes. I am sure some of you have seen partial refunds when I overcharge for shipping.

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These charts are awesome. Very interesting.

The quality feels higher too these days. It seems like there are a lot more people just waiting to get in with some helpful advice and the project and builds are coming in really quick. I really notice it if I am busy for a day or two and come back to the back log. SO much happens here. All. The. Time. It is great.


Congrats and thanks Ryan. You deserve all the success. I’ve been thrilled and very thankful for how good the forums are and how involved you can be for each person when problems arise. I think that may be the biggest selling point that people may not realize at the outset. If the community (which is fantastic) can’t solve it you’re often not too far behind in offering helpful ideas.

All my thumbs way way up.


It was also nice when someone from the forum even reached out to check on me because I’d gone dark for a time due to a new job, and an impending split (amicable; we’re trying to save our friendship and parenting relationship by ending our marriage).

Helluva community you’ve fostered here, Ryan.


Congrats on a successful year!

Have you considered using “First Class Package” or “Priority Cubic” for smaller orders instead of the flat-rate boxes? Might end up saving you a couple bucks.

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