2020 Ornaments

Just need a little paint. The fact the first one broke, feels extra 2020 to me.


I like the design. This is what my wife came up with:

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Oh nice. I just found this one on thingiverse. I like yours.


I might need one of these, gotta see if the little ones can read it or not first.


I really like that design. Any chance you’d share the file? It’ll be stocking stuffers for friends and family here.

I’ve been printing two that we’ve designed here.


The one I did was from thingiverse

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My artist (who i married) is selling the svg for $4

My artist is working on a censored version as well :slight_smile:

Also I like that first, square one. Haven’t seen one quite like that, makes me think retro diner.

A little disappointed that the one @caffgeek linked appears to have been taken down. I could definitely see myself decorating with those.