23.4mm 525 version for sale

I am currently upgrading to the 25.4mm version so I can use 1" chromed steel closet rods. That being said I will have a complete set of the 23.4" parts that are no longer being used. They have served me well.

Would anyone be interested in buying the set? It is complete minus 4 feet, 4 corner locks (I reused those) and no plastic coupler as I used a solid aluminium coupler.

The parts squared up easily. No cracking. Has 6-32 lock nuts inserted in the roller holes already and glued in place.

I am will to let them go for the material cost ($50 CAD) plus shipping.

I am located in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

Ryan if this not ok please delete the post.

If these are the new revised parts I’ll take the at the $50 Canadian if Ryan is Ok with you selling them.

I have no problem with it guys have at it! Just putting the final touches on a smaller stainless one myself, hard to work with the stuff but man is it nice.

@David Anderson yes they are the 525 revised parts.

email me @ banmanj@gmail.com