23.5 Burly Printed Parts

Happy Thanksgiving week,

I am disassembling my MPCNC Burly and upgrading to a LowRider V2. Therefore, I’m wondering if anyone is interested in this full printed set of 23.5 Burly parts printed in yellow and black PLA?

I live in Central Minnesota. I would like to get $20 for the parts plus shipping. A couple of the feet have cracked at the table attachment points and one has cracked at the tightening point for the conduit. Other than that everything is in tip top shape and ready for its next owner.

I have attached a couple of pictures also.


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Update on the burley parts.

I had purchased another trim router for some other woodworking projects last year and I’m going to use that one on my new Lowrider machine. Therefore, I also have my Dewalt 611 (both the 1/4" and 1/8" collet included) that has been used very little and is in like new condition, which I had on my MPCNC. I paid $60 for it, new is $63.26 on Amazon plus tax:

The burly parts are now free along with my poor man’s variable speed controller that I made for my setup with the cutter. I’m asking $60 plus shipping for the Dewalt, burly parts and the poor man’s variable speed controller that I made for this setup. I think I can fit them all in a large flat rate box if you are within the Continental United States. I have uploaded another picture of the other items.

Thanks for looking,