24 TPI threaded rod?

I picked up a 5/16" by 7/8" coupling nut and it turns out to be 24 TPI and not 18. My local hardware store does carry 5/16" 24 TPI threaded rod. I am thinking about trying the higher TPI as it should provide a slightly more accurate z axis once tuned up. I’ve done a search and cannot find any reason to use or not use 24 TPI instead of 18. Does anyone have any reason to not use the 24 TPI rod besides it would be slower that 18? I don’t care about speed. I prefer going slow for a good looking final presentation.

The steps per mm is in the thousands with 18, any higher and it will be painfully slow (the boards can only send so many commands per second 40k I think) and I honestly doubt you will gain any resolution in the real world. We will be switching to T8 leadscrews soon and the steps on that are 200 and still amazing.

It will work but I would not go out of my way to do it for any reason.

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If you have to go 24 TPI, you’ll have to compute your own steps/mm (not rocket science, but a possible place for error). You should also go to 16 microsteps instead of 32 in that case. Your steps per mm will get back in a reasonablish range.

Ryan is 100% right though, it won’t be any more precise. I would go so far as to say go out of your way to avoid it.

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T8 soon?

I’ve had it on my stainless build for maybe a month it has been 3D printing the whole time, Printed another to put on the dirty build so I can go cut some Lexan. Now that Marlin 1.1 is out, the rambo boards are back, and the stainless has not had any issues I will release the parts soon, and swap the kits after a few have confirmed no issues.

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