24 x 36 Build

Just placed my order for the bundles. Time to make a table so I can start building when it arrives.

And so it begins.

I am getting ready to rebuild one of mine and I think this gives me a legit excuse to get a tig welder and fine tune my welding skills. I think a metal table would be a fun project for a few reasons.

I just got a cheapo flux core mig welder, and had the same thought. But since this is my first build and all my parts are ready, I think I’m just going to use wood this time, otherwise the table is going to be a whole new project.

The good news is my order came today.

The bad news is it appears someone was nosy and there are holes in my package. I am about to do an inventory to see if anything was lost or damaged.

Day 1 of the build. A few issues / questions but I got a lot done considering. Spent about 3-4 hours getting to this point.

Not sure how much I will get done tomorrow being Mother’s Day, but we will see.

It is so awesome to see my parts being built. I just built another and I have fun every time I do it, so hopefully it isn’t too frustrating and slightly fun for you.

Did you find anything to be missing from that box? It has insurance on it and either one of us can file a claim if it is.

I am having a lot of fun putting this together.

Everything was in the box. Your excellent job of packing it basically ensures that even a whole that big will not allow anything to fall out. Wasn’t able to work on it today, but I am hoping to get to it after work this week. My goal is to get it moving by the end of the week.

Well a few hiccups tonight, but I got the gantry together. Still need to finish putting in all of the screws, but it is looking like a machine.

Well despite some perceived issues (posted in troubleshooting section) I finally got movement out of the system. The X and Y motion were very “jittery” at slower feed rates (100 or less) and smoother at 250+ on Repetier. After reading some similar issues here I believe I need to adjust my belts. When doing this I discovered I never attached the upper leg piece to the corner assembly. This is when I ran into my perceived issue. I gave up for the night, mainly because I felt really stupid.

A couple of days ago I discovered I did not get my LCD display. Of course when it does not come in the electronics package and you do not order it, you are highly unlikely to get one. I had an Amazon gift card so I ordered one, it cam yesterday and I got it hooked up tonight.

My next tasks are to get a work table made, enclosure for electronics, and some cable management. Of course I will have almost no time to work on it this weekend (Daughter had softball tournament). I Am so close, yet so far from being able to have this up and running.

Finally got my cutter working and started to get my machine dirty (well not really as I do not create a lot of dust right now). It took a lot longer getting there than I thought (mostly due to my sudden increase in work travel) but it is well worth it. I still need to do some wire management and little cleanup things, but it is up and running. Now to figure out a mounting method for my Dremel. A video of it in action and the first plane plan I cut out.

Thanks for designing such a great and economical machine.