24v ramps

24v ramps. Anyone already tried this? I see some talk about doing it in other forums but does anyone have real world experience with it? For some boards there is a bit of work involved, and others, work out of the box.

My only other option would be the linuxcnc route, but means I’d have to run the axis’ in parralel or order two more drivers.

Well I suppose not my only option. Two more options stand out. Duet and tinyg. They both have very enticing features. I think the best option would be tinyg firmware on the duet. That would be the best merge of all features I’d like.

Some say the Arduino Mega Ramps board is 24V. I have equal amounts of conflicting info on this. I will perform the potentially sacrificial test on mine when I get it.


Reprap wiki has info as well, no big deal either way.

Just make sure every single thing you plug in can handle 24V and you power the arduino separately. There is plenty of info in this and how it was designed.