25.4 mm 2'x2' assembly

After finally getting most of my pieces made and ordered in. I started my assembly of my unit today. Everything went great and fits really nice. I plan to use this initially to do some wood projects for fun and will make my way into aluminum. I’m still in the design phase of the table and how i plan to tackle that but for now i will be just screwing this down to a piece of mdf to get my feet wet on some foam and paper.

So my question for others is what are you using for a controller box ? I ordered the rambo board with dual endstops from V1 ( great kit) Also have been on the fence on ordering the screen mainly cause i was planning on leaving a laptop hooked up to this unit. But all i really want is a jog controller. Does this board support a handheld controller ?

I ordered the dewalt 660 to be used. Is there a way to control router speed with the rambo board using fan output ?

I appreciate everyones feedback on what they have done and like. Please if you have links of what you used that would be great too…



I just put up the Gnarly Case on thingiverse, if that is your style.


No unfortunately not. Very easy to do from a computer and USB but a little more work from the LCD. Really though on a machine that has dual endstops a jog controller will not be used, ever, you should be using work offsets.


Yes but again, not worth it until we sort out a PID controller. For now just a dumb speed control is best, I have two options on the site.



Ryan I am blown away at how much you are involved and chime in on these forums.


Is there any reason not to just mount the board in a older computer case and use the computer to control it ? Could also use the power supply to power the board.


What’s your thoughts?

Ha, thanks. I love my job. I also know a few words can really turn someones frustrations into a celebration.


Sounds like a great idea. There are some computer power supplies that do act funny though. I got brown outs with two of them, but one other worked fine. Several others have used them and only a few experienced this. So it that happens swap out the PS.

how many limit switched are supposed to come in the dual endstop kit ? i only have three is this right ?

The first kits did only have three and there was a note to buy a 4th for the dual axis, the current ones (last few days) come with and extra wire and endstop non-matching (and I took the note down). The new ones are due soon and they will be full custom kits from UltiMachine for us.

This is still very much in beta and they sold faster than I could get custom parts. I still can’t believe how many people are buying them over the standard. If you have anything else to buy I will drop in a wire and endstop for free (non-matching).

Apologies for the confusion.

I’m not completely sold on needing them yet but figured i could always swap it over to std. Anyway i do have some bits I wanna get and possibly another kit soon. I can get it than .

Just drop me a note.

so got repetier host running. The servos only move in one direction. I do not have the endstops wired up yet… is it possible to turn them off ? if so where would i do that?

In the config.h of the firmware you can reverse the logic which keeps them on but changes them to Normally open. That will be the easiest way. You can turn them off, but If I remember right it need to be done in config adv as well. I am done for the night and will be in and out all day tomorrow. I will check in when I can.

Thanks for the help. I got it drawing last night. Decided to just run the wires and get it done. I like the idea behiknd the dual endstops it seems to work well. Is there anything I need to do to have it home before each run ? Seemed like it did it once when i firat started but not after I e-stopped the run a couple times. Now I gotta build the table and do some finishing touches before I hit the foam with a bit.

G28 will home all axis so you will need to have a touch plate or z axis end stop ready. Or you can use that code to home them individually. You need it have that in your gcode, doing it manually does not accomplish the same thing.

All of this is explained here.



hey Ryan,


Im putting in a order to hopefully go out today. I am wanting to get the screen but you show the adapter is sold out. Do you have one hiding in a drawer somewhere you could send with my order ?

Well I literally just sold the last of the rambo 1.3 boards I have. Any orders from here on out will be the brand new previously unreleased Rambo 1.4, no adapter needed. I’ll put up more details later today in the ulmachine boards page.

sucky deal… i already have my board but decided against the screen until today… i believe i have the 1.3 ( ordered earlier this year )if i remember right…

Oh, I do have 1 adapter here. I have 10 on the way. I will put the adapter in the shop inventory right now.

So I shouldn’t buy it just to mess with you two?

got it… thanks man… appreciate it… this build has been super cool… got to play around with it yesterday and plan to machine my table today …

you would Jeff… funny thing is i hurried up and bought it just in case lol i always see the popups of people ordering as i’m ordering…