25.4 mm Conduit

Hello, gentlemen
I have a serious problem, I can not get 25.4mm conduits in Texas.
Try at Lowes and at Home Depot, also at some local stores.
Every time I measure the 1-inch pipes all give a reading of 27 mm …
I live in Mcallen, someone bought the pipes by amazon or some page ??



Counduit is not 25.4…That is for stainless OD tubes. If you are using conduit you should buy 3/4" conduit the OD of it will be 23.5.

I want to build a very strong rigid structure.
Okay, I’ll keep looking for the stainless OD tubes

In Colorado, I found some at a “metal supermarket”. But I’m sure there are other metal suppliers in Texas.

Which of the options do you recommend?

Find one in Austin … it’s the closest

You will find that one of those thicknesses will be substantially cheaper than the rest. Choose it. :slight_smile: