25.4mm beta set with the new roller beta

These parts have now been released, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1671517

So Here is the 25.4mm parts, with a beta part for the new roller, and still rocking the old foot.


For the new roller you will need 4 roller mounts, 4 plates, 2 roller, 2 rollerlM. No fender washers and no speed washers, The middle rails should now be the same length as the outer rails.


That motor mount looks WAY sturdier!

It does… Was there a new roller release for the US version that I missed?

I have not even cut anything yet, just tensioned my belts and my motor mounts bending out towards the belts.


first of all great work. I have big fun putting the parts together because everything seems to fit like a charm till now. Even the fact that i had printed the old middle z and then the new one came befor i was able to put it together so i decided to reprint the new parts, was a nice experience. So now i see new parts comming around and am excited because i ordered everything in china and they did not send the speed washers and now i see new design does not need them. so i am thinking of waiting for them and wonder if and when the IE edition will be available. still need to get the conduit so no hurry but as it looks there are a lot of hours printing time waiting for me :slight_smile: I have set my printer to a slower speed because else it missed steps from time to time so the biggest part xy i think it is took 18hours for me.

put i am looking forward anyway. it really seems to be the best multi platform out there that is affordable and printable. i already have an MK8, dremel, pen, liyu style cutter/pen holder and universal paste extruder holders printed or made depending on availability and next to build is a pick and place tool then i have everything together. maybe a laser also, but this has time. i love it and when i have it built i will upload some pics and send some beers to you for that dream machine.

Wow you have big plans for your CNC I love it. I can’t wait to see what you make with it.

I can put up the other version beta parts but I would really like to try them out first so I don’t waste any ones time printing bad parts. I have 2 printed now and everything seems great, 2 more are printing so I can run a machine with them soon.

Hold off on printing the rollers, the mounts and plates are fine. i want to beef up the rollers a bit though. I beat the heck out of one and was able to crack it so I will add some material.

but dimensional wise they are ok? Running off a roller now. Printed a center carriage piece earlier.

80% infill

I picked up 24 meters of 1 inch to make the machine free standing 4x4 machine.

Designing a cable chain mount to fit in the end of the tubing and clean that up.

Ill post pics after i print and test the fit.

Designed for 1 inch tubing with 1.5mm wall

in the files there is j roller and j rollerm creation time shows the j rollerm is newer.

Everything else is good, just give me time to fix the jroller.

Sorry jroller and jrollerm. M=mirrored

my j roller printed put fine. a tiny bit tight, but not much. maybe a tenth of a mm

That wasn’t the issue. New files available in the original post.

ok so I should download the dropbox link again?

Test video above

Yeah the new files are up, but I made changes and won’t be testing them until the morning. It really is best to print everything else but the rollers until I test them.

running a set now. prob going to take till monday to get it all done

The new rollers seem okay so far. My stainless rails not so much. I have 0.0164in (17ga) wall thickness 25.4mm tubing, the bearings easily bent it in a single pass of the rollers. Make sure you get ticker walls than this!

mine came out Ok a bit tight, have to mess with the bolt tightness to keep it from twisting round the pipe. Maybe experiment a bit on the profile of that ridge at the bolt to print better?

Ran thru 3/4 kilo on the beta parts with about 10 waster print hours with failed parts from bolts on the delta coming loose. Need to invest in some thread lock.

Have some concerns about the new motor mount. Got a set made, but im thinking i might draw up something different. Does not to be as firmly afixed as before wthout using epoxy.

The roller mounts? Where would you put epoxy?