25.4mm vs 25mm tubes?

Does it matter? a quick amazon search shows more 25.4mm (1 inch) … want to start printing !

also … the part list has amazon links for 2 different 25.4mm tubes … the wall thickness difference is quite big … tempted to get the thicker one (although it’s not shiny stainless) as I tend to overengineer stuff



And one more question ! is this a good filament to use ?


I think there are printed parts for both 25mm (F) and 25.4 (J) so make sure you print the right parts for the size tube that you choose. As for thicker you may be ok but keep in mind that thickness = weight so the steppers have to work harder.

@aktxyz The first link came up as currently unavailable and the second link lists the wall thickness incorrectly. It should be listed as 0.065”.

Have you looked to see if there are any steel or welding suppliers in your area that sell 1” stainless steel tube or 1” DOM? Most can also cut it to size for you in case you don’t have the equipment.

TECBEARS was great, and inexpensive!
I used their gray PLA to print half of my pieces. The other half was printed with Hatchbox PLA (my personal favorite).