25" by 37" MPCNC Primo, Edmonton Alberta, Local pickup only!

My MPCNC Primo
I know the title says 24X30, but it’s a 25" by 37" build on a 40X49" piece of 3/4" MDF. I’m looking for $650 CAD.

So with the (more or less) completion of my LowRider project, I thought I’d put this out there to see if there’s any interest.

Frankly, I’m not too invested in selling. I won’t disassemble it for shipping. If you want to come pick it up, then we can make a deal. I’ve been waffling on listing it for sale at all.

  • Plastic parts purchased from V1, except for the Makita RT0701C router mount, which was printed in PETg. Also have 52mm spindle mount, (From V1) and a pen mount (PETg)
  • Makita RT0701C router included, with 1/4" and 1/8" collets
  • Dual endstop configuration with endstops installed
  • V1 touchplate
  • DOM steel. Some stains, but can be polished clean.
  • Electrical wired with 14AWG solid wire, 2 standard outlets, one of which (router) is on a lockable toggle switch, other powers on with main power.
  • Drag chain solution for all wiring.
  • 5/8" MDF spoilboard. 4 interchangeable pieces, each with 24 1/4"-20 T nuts for a total of 96 T nuts for holddowns. These are on a 100mm by 100mm grid, fairly simple to copy. I will include Gcode to cut new pieces.
  • 24V power supply, but can provide a 12V 6A supply if you’d rather.

The Primo has a Duet Wifi attached with a 5" PanelDue currently. I will include it, for an extra $200 CAD. ($125 without the touchscreen) Otherwise, I will provide the MKS Gen L v1.0 and DRV8825 drivers that I used with it initially before setting up the Duet. This will have the stock RAMPS Dual endstop firmware flashed to it.

I am not including the torsion box table. You will need a surface to put the machine on. The base is 49" by 40", and it overhangs this on all sides. I suggest that a support area at least 49" by 36" is needed to ensure that the machine stays flat and level. It was perfectly happy on an old kitchen table for several months while I got the torsion box sorted.

I am more than willing to demonstrate the machine in action.