29x29 burly bruh from NC

First off - fantastic documentation and parts bundles, Ryan. Happy to source the kit from you for all of the effort you’ve put into it.

Knowing nothing about either, I decided to dive dive head first into both 3DP and CNC by borrowing a friend’s ANET A8 to build an MPCNC. I likely used enough filament for 4 or 5 builds along the way between learning to print, reprinting due to a poorly calibrated printer, and reprinting again for the burly parts. The burl parts were released the same day that I finished printing the previous version. Waves fist in air. All of that said… I’m very happy with the result. This thing has chewed through everything that I’ve thrown at it thus far. foam, mdf, acrylic, and red oak.

1.000x0.065 304 stainless rails with a footprint of 29"x29" and 3.5" of Z travel.

For anyone else starting out:

  • Double check your printers calibration with 20mm test cubes and calipers.
  • Triple check center assembly squareness. I never got this quite right. It's off ~1/8" so I end up needing to engage steppers to lock them square before each job.
  • Get the base as square as possible. I measures diagonals as best I could with a tape measure and used a jig to ensure proper corner spacing (the little black "C"s pictured below).
Since I'm using repetier + manual moves to engage and lock the steppers I printed stops to clamp to the rails to ensure squareness. After locking steppers with repetier I use manual moves to get the head to the desired stop location. I then start each job with a "G92 X0 Y0 Z0". I bought my hardware from Ryan, which I thought solved this issue with firmware, but the head was still diving into the work piece after jobs. I end each job with an "M84 S999" to keep the steppers engaged and prevent the head from diving back into the work piece.

I’ve been having a lot of success using these compression bits for all of my oak cuts. Looking forward to seeing where the speed controller discussion lands us. I’ve been considering throwing my DWP611 onto the machine so that I can easily set RPMs lower for 2 flute end mills.

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Thanks for the compliments, and welcome to the crew! Your build looks great, and you have already broken it in a bit, nice.