2nd X motor lagging

Posting here as well as on my build page because I’m desperate. Lol


I’m on Ramps 4.1 with each motor wired to its own driver to utilize the auto squaring firmware. When I connect to the board with Repitier, most of the time I can manually jog the Z right away, but the X & Y takes sometimes 30 seconds of clicking the button for them to move. Also, my X2 motor seems to be lagging or underpowered. I move and the X1 motor goes fine, but the X2 acts like its sluggish or slow or getting caught up on something. I tried swapping out the drivers but it still does it. I triple checked the wiring. When the motors are off everything moves freely. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? I don’t even know what else to check or do.

Check the drive pulley make sure the set screw is tight and on the flat


I have the same problem. 2nd motor moving wrong direction everytime when i click the move its moving left or right.

Motor model : SL42STH34

I didn’t play with any configuration file.

Also i have second motor sets.

Second Set Motor model : 17HS2408

They don’t have problem with direction but they doesn’t move when i put belt on it. Its seems they are so weak.


Drivers, current setting, step rate, pulley size?

I replaced nema motors and motherboard with my working 3d printer 1nd axis is good but 2nd is lagging or turning left or right randomly.

I bought this one :

5mm 20 Teeth Aluminum Timing Pulley Wheel+5 Meters Rubber GT2 2mm Pitch 6mm Wide Timing Belt for 3D printer CNC

Drivers : A4988

Current Settings : https://drive.google.com/open?id=12qByTO6tK_yVjYUOIQXZDfPQ6IIf0NAW


Steps rate :

 * Default Axis Steps Per Unit (steps/mm)
 * Override with M92
 *                                      X, Y, Z, E0 [, E1[, E2[, E3[, E4]]]]
#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT   { 80, 80, 2560, 99 }

 * Default Max Feed Rate (mm/s)
 * Override with M203
 *                                      X, Y, Z, E0 [, E1[, E2[, E3[, E4]]]]
#define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE          { 300, 300, 3, 50}

 * Default Max Acceleration (change/s) change = mm/s
 * (Maximum start speed for accelerated moves)
 * Override with M201
 *                                      X, Y, Z, E0 [, E1[, E2[, E3[, E4]]]]
#define DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION      { 1000, 1000, 5, 5000 }

 * Default Acceleration (change/s) change = mm/s
 * Override with M204
 *   M204 P    Acceleration
 *   M204 R    Retract Acceleration
 *   M204 T    Travel Acceleration
#define DEFAULT_ACCELERATION          500    // X, Y, Z and E acceleration for printing moves
#define DEFAULT_RETRACT_ACCELERATION  500    // E acceleration for retracts
#define DEFAULT_TRAVEL_ACCELERATION   500    // X, Y, Z acceleration for travel (non printing) moves

 * Default Jerk (mm/s)
 * Override with M205 X Y Z E
 * "Jerk" specifies the minimum speed change that requires acceleration.
 * When changing speed and direction, if the difference is less than the
 * value set here, it may happen instantaneously.
#define DEFAULT_XJERK                 20.0
#define DEFAULT_YJERK                 20.0
#define DEFAULT_ZJERK                  0.4
#define DEFAULT_EJERK                  5.0

That is a wiring issue, inspect or replace.

Maybe. But i think a4988 its not enough for my step motors. Because i did increase the VREF and torque increased a little bit but a4988 get too hot. I need to try DRV8825.

Or it is a wiring issue. If that is the case a bad wire will pop a driver so I would triple check if I where you.

Im checked because my second step motor set doesn’t need high voltage and moves good. When i connect the first step motor set second one is lagging. I will try DRV8825 and let you know. Thank you


Did you wire them in series or parallel ?

your 1st set motors are 12V 0.4A. So in series they will only have 6V each, which might be the problem.

Your both sets are low current ones, so A4988 is enough (my motors require 2A / phase, and I’m just at the limit of A4988)…

You guys are going off a very generic sheet that I do not believe. Find the same steppers on ali and they say 5V