3/4" Y Plates?

So I have some GORGEOUS baltic birch pieces laying around my shop, they’re 3/4" and again, gorgeous. I was curious, I thought I read Ryan had said something like he added longer hardware to account for 3/4" thick material for the Y Plates. Was I dreaming? Or did I read that? I wasn’t able to find the post again. Probably a dream. Yep.

I’ve got some Y Plate sagage/bendage right around the ears of the MDF. Been like that for a while, and hasn’t really affected accuracy, But I’d definitely like to address that before something breaks during a cut. Here in the Mississippi heat and humidity… MDF just don’t hang in there very well, and my shop is without AC.

Has anyone done that with 3/4" wood? Is it safe to do so? Pros? Cons? And go!

I found with the hardware from the V1 kit that I had enough extra length to add a 1/4" plate to the outside of the Y plates, so you might be able to use it.

Otherwise, you can buy the 5/8" bolts 1/4" longer, and be sure.

Alternately, since you presumably have a CNC you could pocket out an area around the bolt hole about the size of a 1/2" socket so that the existing hardware is all good.


Yea judging from what I remember sticking out of the wheels, and plastics, it seems like it would work, I’ll give it a try! If not, at least all the sizes I need would be easy to find on the build pages! Thanks @SupraGuy !