3/8 collet for dw660

I broke an endmill and purchased another from McMaster-carr. It came today I quickly came to the sad realization that I did buy an 1/8 endmill, but the shaft is 3/8. I only have a 1/8 collet and I am having difficulty finding a 3/8 collet for the dw660. Could someone help me out and send me a link to a collet or anything that would let me hold this thing?




Carson Roff

I don’t use the DW660, so I’m just stabbing in the dark here. But will a 3/8" fit in the throat if you take the existing collet out? I use the Makita RT701 and it doesn’t even have the option of a 3/8" collet.

I haven’t seen any kind of extension tool holder that goes from smaller shank to larger bit either.

My guess is that you may be out of luck on this one. Anything you could cobble together probably is going seriously increase the runout also.

http://elairecorp.com is one of the go to places for custom collets, but it probably wouldn’t be worth the cost.

I believe 1/4" is the max on the DW660.