3 Machines for Sale in Delaware Area - SOLD

I have an approx 18"x18" (MPCNC - Full Rambo-dual endstops -Dewalt), 11"x17" (MPCNC - Ramps-dual endstops - Laser(don’t know the wattage offhand), and 4x8 capable Lowrider 2 (MiniRambo-Dewalt optional) all for sale. Looking to put towards buying a Shapeoko. Love my MPCNCs but have outgrown them a bit. Located in the Newark, Delaware area. Looking to make about $400 on each OBO.

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I’m interested. I live in New Jersey so I could drive over. Just signed up and can’t seem to figure out how to do a direct message. If you can, please reach out.

Thanks again for your help today. I have been thinking about this for a long time. You have been a God send. The students are really going to love this stuff.

Hi Are these machines still available? I’d love to buy two of them if they are! Feel free to email me at lookforcolor@gmail.com, if you still have them. Thanks!