3 Tone Technique

I’ve got a project planned (for my lowrider, but I thought more folks might be here) and I want to have three different depths be different shades of grey. I want toake it as detailed as I can, so just painting is going to be a lot of work. I’ll do that if I have to. Is there a good way to mask things off, or preparing or anything? I’m thinking the material will be MDF because it won’t have as much tear out. The size is going to be around 3’ diameter.

Can you slice and glue? Seems like if you did it in three layers it’d be easy to do the colors.

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Just do a kind of plywood with different sheets of colored woods.
For example:
-1 sheet orange, 3mm thick
-1 sheet white, 3mm thick
-1 sheet black, 3mm thick

Glue them together, put a lot of weight and clamps to make them bond.
Make sure it is very well leveled on your CNC

Start your cutting path, trying to make sure that each pass is set up to be about half way in each material sheet, so it gives you a bit more tolerance:

For example:
-Pass 1: 1.5mm
-Pass2: 4.5mm
-Pass 3: 7.5mm

Then you should get different colors for different deepnesses

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Hah, I just noticed this was in the 3DP forum, oops.

I was thinking the slice and glue would be a pain, because how would I get them in the right place, but maybe I could carve out the place where the pieces go, like this sign: https://www.v1engineering.com/forum/topic/marriage-sign/#post-30965 . The fact that they will be painted and not stained gives me some leeway, and the ability to patch some mistakes.

I don’t know where I would get 3mm pieces of wood with the right color, saturated all the way through so that I could cut into them. I’ve seen some premade plastic with two tones, and I bet I could pay $$$ for one with the colors I wanted, but it’s probably worth my time to just paint inside the lines if I was going to do that. The total size is hopefully going to be around 1m in diameter, and 20mm thick.

I might try a smaller version, and try both the jigsaw pieces and just hand painting it. Thanks for the input. When (if) I do this project, I’ll definitely post it in the forums (in the right section, hopefully).