3 Tube Gantry LR3 Build: An Idiots Tale

Yeah, if it does anything (questionable), would probably make more sense on a MPCNC

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Any opinions on running the Y belt like this? Still working on how it’d mount and how to do limit switches. My thought was it’d mean the table could be a couple inches narrower and on the side using wheels (though not totally applicable to me since I’m attempting to use 2 Y rails) you wouldn’t have a belt sticking up that could be a bit more vulnerable in a shop to getting hit. Idk if there are pros\cons to running the belt perpendicular to the table vs flat. Also would be a smaller pocket for the Y steppers in the YZ plates.

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I do not think it will cause an issue other than you still need a gap, at the beginning and end of the belt, or the belt will be stretched and pulled upwards. And considering this, your savings might be limited compared to the original design.

Not sure how that is going to save any room but running the belt that way will gunk it and the pulley and idlers up. Sideways is far better.

At best you save like 3mm per side?