36"x18"x4" in Utah

I’ve been enjoying this build so much that I’m hesitant to do the crown test because that will mean it’s finished. Thanks so much Ryan for making this so easy and affordable.

It’s primary purpose was intended to cut RC airplane parts but my wife has been watching a lot of CNC videos lately so it will almost certainly be used much more than I anticipated.

I built it for a 36"x18"x4" print bed using common 3/4" electrical conduit. It’s mounted on 3/4" oak plywood left over from the bar I build in our home remodel. Wiring was all replaced with CAT6 patch cables using standard Keystone jacks in custom designed receivers.
(see RJ45 Keystone Receiver)

Cables are captured in 1/2" sleeving and reinforced with sections cut from a cheap Harbor Freight measuring tape.


It’s finished.


You case mods came out looking great!

Solid build, can wait to see what you and the wife make.

Such a beautiful site!

If you still have the pen on there try the torture test I just ran…fast and fun.

Wow your build looks great! I really like the CAT6 cables and connections. That makes it look slick.


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When cutting holes in my sacrifice board I noticed that the zip ties were flexing a lot so I finally added belt tensioners. I also ordered enough belt to use the whole area I built for. Usable dimensions are now 880 x 440 x 90 mm.

The end stops are finally working; or rather I finally figured out how they operate and then installed bar mounted stops. I also figured out hot to import images and text into Fusion 360 but I’m still cursing them for not handling text properly. At lease their gcode generation feature works.

My first project is just off the machine and I think it looks great. I used Inkscape to generate vectored text, imported it into Fusion 360 and had it create an engraved tool path then exported the gcode which I just clicked and dragged into CNCjs running on a Raspberry Pi. It’s engraved on a piece of 12" cedar picket from my fence that I"m currently replacing.