3D Carving - Fish - Oval shape

I’ve been upping my speed and seeing what the weak points of my machine are, I’m up to 30mm/s, I need to up my Z acceleration for it to really speed up past this point for the finishing, and for the roughing my weak point is that the EMT conduit starts to bend in the middle which causes vibrations as the router catches up (and the DWP611 itself also starts to sound a little angry going fast while roughing incredibly hard oak, what about a 1.5KW spindle?! /insert villain laugh)

Here is a Youtube video of it doing the finishing path, it started in the middle and is working it’s way outwards:

Here is the finished part after I experimented with some shellac and aniline (Keda) brown dye:

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You can’t really up the Z axis speed or acceleration. The only way to move it faster is switch to a lower pitch screw or a T8 We are maxing out the stepper speed/torque. As shown here, https://www.v1engineering.com/software-updates/. I doubt you are straining the 611 in the slightest, but if it is bending than that is the cause of all your issues 100%. You are already moving twice as fast as most of us do, to decrease your cut times instead of moving faster you should slow down and just make deeper cuts…fewer passes. At the same time the 611 sticks out pretty far as compared to the 660 so you might also be having extra flex do to the increased lever arm.

The cut looks good though, Speed is much less important than quality right? To me it looks like you got some serious quality out of it.

Oh, I’m not complaining - certainly. It’s the opposite - I’m trying to show just how fast the design CAN go, and still maintain the quality. How amazing it all is - I did that fish in less than 2 hours by turning speeds up and it still shows the smaller details on the fish. The roughing leaves strings everywhere that the finish pass clears up completely.

I’m using a TR8*8, and external stepper drivers (so each motor is getting a full 1.5 amp, 24V). Eventually I plan to run G2Core but I ran into some problems so right now I’m on just Repetier for Due. If I do upgrade to a spindle (water cooled so dust should be easier to collect, no more brushes to replace, and true speed control that doesn’t limit my torque.) I probably need a NEMA 23 for Z axis since it’s about 8lbs. Probably also would be good for me to go to stainless steel tubing. Hard part is while square tubing is common and I keep finding that, I can’t find stainless steel round tubing locally. I noticed something odd while looking at aluminum pieces in Home Depot though - the round I can bend, the square - I can bend, until I rotate it in my hands, you can’t bend it when it’s at an angle in your hands - even the aluminum kind. Have you ever considered a design with the square shape that’s rotated so the forces are pushing on the corners?

My personal goal? One day I’d like to have it doing .25" DOC with .25" bits and moving along at 100 inches per minute. I don’t know yet what it will take to get there - but I do think it is possible.

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That is awesome! Is it possible for you to send me the files you used. stl would be fine or if you have the gcode that would be good too!

I know this is an old topic, but could anyone enlighten me as how this is accomplished ?

I understand the stl part, or using grey scale images and turning them into 3d meshes, but how do you go from stl to gcode ?

What software are people using, and is any of it free ?

Thanks if anyone can answer me…


Estlcam. Just open the stl and it starts the engraving wizard.

Thanks Barry,

So simple yet I never figured it out :slight_smile: