3D carving in Estlcam v11

I have done some “carving” before, but always with a 2D drawing where I was basically just pocketing in the material. I want to try to do some “true” carving with .stl files but I have not found a good tutorial on how to do this. Thought I would do some trial and error but discovered I am unable to change the roughing or finishing tool. It defaults to the first one on the tool list and will not let me change. I can change all of the other parameters on the menu, just not the tool.

Is there a good tutorial out there somewhere?
Any ideas on why I am unable to change the tool?


There is the gummy bear video :slight_smile:

It is a bit old now.

I did watch that video and tried to apply it to the current version. My issue seems to be I am not able to change the tool for the roughing / finishing cuts (see circled item in previous post). All of the other parameters are changeable, just not the tool.

I’m not sure what the problem is there. You should be able to do that. The only thing I can think of is that it wont let you have a Finishing tool with a larger cutting diameter than your roughing tool, but you should be able to change the roughing tool. Are you trying this in the “block machining” or “free machining” mode. It looks like free machining from your screen shot. I have had a lot more success with the block mode for whatever reason.