3D Carving with frame built in

I made some changes to my MPCNC, found what was causing me issues after a winter hibernation (belts had become much looser on one side than the other), upped my voltage from 12V to 24V, and upped my max Z speed to ~30mm/s.

In ~6-7 hours (6% stepover on 1/8" inch ballnose bit) I turned this:

[attachment file=32552]

Into this:

[attachment file=32553]

Used a cheap 6mm bit (10 for $10) to rough, then a cheap 1/8" ball nose (10 for $10) for finish pass.



That is beautiful!!! What software was used here. I would love to try this myself.

Wow…That is nice! This needs to go into the gallery, Dang it I still need to make a gallery.

I used Vectric Aspire, but for just 3D models their Cut3D is cheaper. I made some money selling signs made out of Extira (and have been toying with making my own 16lb HDU - I bought the chemicals from USComposites, but was using it up too fast when I tried using it at 70 degrees. It says for best results to only use when outside temperature is 80+F since you have to have a lot of ventilation), so software/hardware becomes business expenses and easier to justify.

Slacker. :wink:



Boom, slacker nothing!

I just went through the things made thread. Now I need to keep digging to find other stuff, and suggestions are welcome.

Man that is awesome! Would love to be able to cut something like that once I get all setup.

What no MP3DP section! ;(

What is the size of this project? Hard to tell without something to scale it to. Still amazed by this and want to carve it once the machine is setup.