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You could also probe warm. If you probe at your average printing temp than the diffrence between the filament types should be negligible.

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by the way when measuring z-offset, do you measure with the probe down or up.

You want to lave it zero at first. Then probe the bed. Use the z offset on the screen to calibrate it down(negative number) until the nozel is at the proper distance from the bed. Then save your settings :slight_smile:

Or that is how I do it. Because if you put to big of a negative number in the firmware it will cause the nozzel to crash into the bed. But the bltouch should always trigger before the nozel hits the bed. So leaving it zero in the firmware is the safe choice.

Estou com o mesmo problema e mais alguns… A impressora está funcionando todos os eixos como também a mesa aquecida, hotend e o extrusor individualmente, mas quando ligo a mesa aquecida e a hotend ou vice-versa o sistema todo reinicia, obtive sorte duas vezes conseguindo deixar na temperatura desejada, a ultima vez mandei imprimir só que os eixos não se moveram como também o extrusor, porém na TFT35 apresentava que estava em operação, imprimindo. :thinking:

Rezo que apareça algum santo de boa fé pra ajudar o velhinho de 92 anos que ainda tenta nessa vida imprimir peças 3D

-Placa de controle BIGTREETECH® SKR Mini E3 V2 com driver TMC2209
-TFT35 E3 V3.0

AJUUUUUUUUDA, quero começar imprimir !!!

I had to use Google translate, but I understand your problem is that the machine turns off or restarts when you try to print. This sounds like it could be caused by your power supply being to small for the load of the printer.

Can you provide information on what printer your using and what power supply your using to power it?


A fonte não é confiável, vou fazer a troca para uma de 20 amperes.
Obrigado pela ajuda!

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you are most welcome,

please let us know if you continue to have problems we might be able to help.

happy making,

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A nova fonte resolveu o problema do desligamento, mas não consegui imprimir.
Na TFT apresentou três notificações:

  • M112 Shuntdown
  • Cabeçada da impressora. kill () chamado
  • Impressora não encontrada

M112 is emergency shutdown. It happens when marlin encounters a critical error. Check that all your limits witches are working properly as that is the number one cause for that. But it can also be called because of an error with your auto leveling system.