3D printed baseplate for LR2?

I’m starting to build my own LR2. Being that this is a mostly printed CNC, is there any reason that the base plate shouldn’t be 3D printed?

Won’t be as strong as a wood base plate. Also, the router gets hot, which transmits down through the router base.

Thanks, I wasn’t thinking about the heat from the router. At least it will make a good router template lol

I won’t be as stiff as wood.

Not too worried about the heat though. We use 3D printed clamps to hold the router to a 3D printed core in the Primo.

If you’re going to 3D print the base plate, I’d suggest that you make it thicker with appropriately longer screws. Put the smoother side towards the bearing mounts and router base.

Some time back, I remember seeing someone had 3D printed the base and Y plates for a LR2, to get the machine up and running until he could use it to cut its own new base plate and Y plates. I don’t think he had intended it as a permanent solution though. (Mind you, I also don’t recall ever hearing that he’d swapped out the printed parts.)