3D Printer Lowrider CNC parts

So in researching 3D printers, I got contacted about another kit 3D printer with the following spec. Comments about capability would be appreciated as it really helps to learn. In this case it has heating platform, larger print area, i think it has a metal frame, and not much more cost than the prior one i posted.

Reprap Prusa i3

Number of print heads: One, Print technology: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Structure volume: L 200xW 200 xH180 millimeters 7200 cubicmeters, Printing resolution: 100 millimetres, Layer precision 50-100 micrometers ( optional), Consumable diameter: 1.75 millimeters, Material compatibility: PLA/ABS, Nozzle diameter: 0.4 millimeters, Type of printing files: .X3G.

Working enviroment temperature: 15-33C, Structure platform temperature: Printing ABS: about 110C, Printing PLA 50-60C, Storage temperature: 0-38C

Mechanical Positioning
XY Axis: 11 micrometers, Z Axis: 25 Micormeters, Speed of motion axis: 30 mm/s. 100 mm/s. Recommended nozzle movement speed: 35-40 millimeters/second, Nozzle extrusion flow: About 24 cubic centimeters/hour,

Software package: Cura 14.0 of Chinese version ( in SD card)
Type of input file: stl, gcode


USB/SD card printing
Self heating platform. Automatic heating platform at the beginning of heating. It can ensure not edge warping occurs during printing and provide stronger adhesive force.
Includes one roll of PLA filament (250g)
Zero interupt printing technology
It can provide printing resolution of 100 micrometers while not affecting print speed.
Replicator G software

If you cant build a mp3dp, then id just buy the orginal mk2s. Its worth every cent. Ive had zero problems with mine and it just works like youd expect it to. Best of all it holds its value really well.


You’ll spend more time and money getting a cheap on to work than you will making the stuff you want to make.

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I hear you…but a couple of weeks ago i knew probably a bit more than the average Johnny about CNCs and 3D printers, but not that much more. Had no pressing interest or need.

Then I came across the Lowrider CNC, a casual glance across a crowded youtube. I realised in a moment that my life wasn’t complete without her. 3D printing was trying to flirt with me out of the corner of my eye, but i knew no way was she going to become part of my xxxxing life.

Now of course a few days later, i have succumbed. I see no way i can continue without a threesome. But, the beauty you are tempting me with now, the original mk2s, is five times the price of the cheap tart i listed the details for. Although of course much safer, I am not sure i am ready for your upmarket habitue of Fifth Avenue yet, nor my new roll of begging on street corners to feed my new addiction. Maybe a few days from now…


Well a little tip, people are putting theirs up on ebay, so they can get the new mk3. So do an ebay search and save it. You might be able to snag one at a better price. Once november runs around i think the prices on used will get cheaper.


Nice, i like it…

But did a quick search now and no special offer Fifth Avenuers. But a lot of tarts were lined up and kicking high…i was strong though…

Yes, they are asking to much right now. Just keep an eye out. Theyll drop their prices closer to novmeber.


Remember, I am in the UK, we pay more and get less anyway here. But no upmarket ones on UK Ebay at all, not a one. I will be watching, i will try to keep strong, but i worried I might succumb and end up in a two and a halfsome and only then later in a three and a half…

Hi Steve

Sorry for not replying sooner.

I have done no modifications to my Anet A8 it worked pretty much out of the box, the most important part is getting the bed levelled and getting the software parameters in CURA correct, after that it was pretty much good to go.

Yeah my Bismarck hull was done plate by plate, 24 plates worth, each plate taking 8 hours to print.

My first printer was a wanhao duplicator i3. They have a few newer versions. It’s a good learning printer. You have to print very slow, because the extruder motor isn’t very good.

The only funny thing I see in that reprap printer is the x3c files. I thought that was a MakerBot thing.