3d printer nozzles

I’ve recently come across a kickstarter for high-end nozzles (military grade - haha, I know that some of you find that term off-putting)

I’m tempted to give them a try, but I really don’t know whether they have a serious project, or if it’s just for show. Their Instagram is full of super nice prints, but the filament is usually some kind of cf. I want to have a good and durable nozzle that also works well with abrasive filaments. What do you think? Is it all pseudo science, or could it be worth it?

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I seen a ks a while back that was going for a titanium nozzel. Thats what I would want to use. At least as conductive as brass but way harder.

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Seems outrageously expensive. I’ve been very happy with Micro-Swiss for the past few years, and don’t use E3D nozzles anymore.

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Which types do you use?

I’ve got these on two printers. I’ve only printed maybe a couple rolls of CF filament over the past year or so, but if I was going to print it constantly, I might try their A2 tool steel version (linked from that page). Steel nozzles have a much lower ability to conduct heat, though, so it would require adjusting temps and speeds.

Did you ever build your micro turbine?

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Thanks a lot for the recommendation!! I think this is perfect. I’ve been thinking that the zodiac nozzles would have bad termal properties and that they would be an overkill for my needs. A brass nozzle with a good coating could combine the best of two worlds (termal stability vs mechanical precision and abrasion resistance). You’ve convinced me to wait with the kickstarter, my wife approves :wink:

Thanks for asking about the water wheel! My plan is to find long and flexible pipes to be able hide them as much as possible. On the generator side I’ll try to make some kind of Pelton wheel, so that it can be made smaller than overshoot/falling wheel. Right now it is the pipes that are my concern, I don’t know where to find the suitable type.

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I’ve been using a Micro-swiss nozzle as well. I think I have the coated brass one, but I’m not absolutely certain. I bought it a few years ago…

I’ve probably run a half dozen spools of carbon filled nylon filament through it, as well a bunch of regular PLA and PETG. It still seems to print OK, but I should probably clean it well, and inspect it…