3D printing and CNC router?

Hi, I have been hesistant to buying the lowriders but pulled the trigger yesterday thinking i’ve gone head first into something before why can’t i do this.


I’m familiar with a CNC machine (3D printers) before but I don’t really Understand the workflow for the lowriders. i.e. in 3D printing its model 3d file, load slicer, load 3d printer, Print.

For the lowriders for example if I were to cut out 1.5 inch ply i would first model the cuts in fusion? or can i just draw some lines using say photoshop? and use estlcam to enter which lines are part which circles are holes and enter the thickness in estcam?

I haven’t used photoshop since windows 2000 era, but as long as it can save as a dxf, then yea, that will work. If you’re doing parts that are going to be attaching to each other, then fusion might be the better choice, but it’s more involved.

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Or svg. Illustrator might be better at this? Or inkscape of you don’t already have illustrator.

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I have illustrator, i’ll check out inkscape.


Thanks for the reply guys,

I think illustrator or inkscape -> estlcam

Actually that’s better with Illustrator or Inkscape -> Estlcam -> Repetier-Host -> Low Rider

If you leave Repetier-Host off the list people will end up trying to flash the Estlcam firmware image, which doesn’t really work.